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** [[Notes Storage Facility]] (NSF)
** [[Notes Storage Facility]] (NSF)
* [[Mailpile]]
* [[Mailpile]]
* [[Microsoft Entourage]]
* [[Microsoft Outlook]]
* [[Microsoft Outlook]]
** [[Nickfile]] (NK2)
** [[Nickfile]] (NK2)

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File Format
Name E-Mail, newsgroups, and forums


Formats for the storage or transmission of messages (singly or in groups) for electronic mail, discussion lists, forums, newsgroups, BBSs, social networking, etc. See also Web, Address books and contacts.


[edit] Abbreviations, conventions, etc. in messaging

Online messages can be a language all their own, with different dialects for different types of messages, but often "leaking" from one service to another. Here are a few of the things to watch out for:

[edit] Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs)

If Google was an '80s BBS...

[edit] Programs

[edit] Networks, protocols and formats

[edit] Chat, Texting and Instant Messaging

[edit] E-Mail

[edit] Standards and protocols

[edit] Specific programs

[edit] Clients

[edit] Servers

[edit] Webmail services

[edit] E-mail archiving

[edit] Forums / web comment threads

[edit] Messaging service integration

[edit] Online Services

(the old, proprietary variety)

[edit] Secure messaging

See also Encryption, Security

[edit] Social Networking

[edit] Transfer Encodings

See also the main article, Transfer Encodings.

[edit] Usenet

[edit] Links

[edit] BBSing

[edit] Email

[edit] Newsgroups/Usenet

[edit] Social networking

[edit] Misc.

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