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File Format
Name Dr. Halo
Extension(s) .cut, .pal, .pic
PRONOM x-fmt/316, fmt/1186

Dr. Halo was a line of raster image editing software for MS-DOS. It has a well-known device-independent .CUT image format, which uses RLE compression (in a way which is similar to, but not the same as, PackBits). CUT files are sometimes accompanied by .PAL palette files.

There is also a device-dependent .PIC image format. We have not located any details about PIC format.


Format details

All CUT images have exactly 8 bits per pixel, but all 8 bits might not be used. It is common for the only color codes used by an image to be 0 and 1.

It is not clear what to do if no palette file is present. Interpreting the image as grayscale, with black=0, seems to be standard practice. But different viewers use different logic for guessing the code that should be interpreted as white.


Sample files


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