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* [[Tom's Editor]]
* [[Tom's Editor]]
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* [[Tom's Viewer]]
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== Sample files ==
== Sample files ==

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File Format
Name Doodle (Atari)
Extension(s) .doo
See Doodle for other formats with that name.

Doodle is a raster image format used on Atari ST computers. It is apparently the native format of a paint program named Dr. Doodle.


[edit] Format details

Files are exactly 32000 bytes in size, and are essentially just a dump of video memory.

Doodle is supposed to be a high resolution (640×400) bi-level format, but in practice some .doo files contain a medium resolution (640×200) or low resolution (320×200) image instead. It is not possible to determine the resolution just by looking at the file, and presumably only high resolution format is portable.

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

[edit] High res

[edit] Medium res

[edit] Low res

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