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* [ DjVuLibre]: Viewers, tools, C++ reference library
* [ DjVuLibre]: Viewers, tools, C++ reference library
* [ Viewers & Plug-ins]
* [ Viewers & Plug-ins]
* [[Konvertor]]
== Sample files ==
== Sample files ==

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File Format
Name DjVu
Extension(s) .djvu
MIME Type(s) image/vnd.djvu
PRONOM fmt/255, fmt/318

DjVu is a multi-layer raster image file format for digital documents. It was originally developed at AT&T Labs, and is commonly used in book digitization, for example by the Internet Archive.

DjVu documents may include a plain text layer (e.g. from OCR), as well as other data such as a document outline, so the format can serve some of the same purposes as PDF.


[edit] Format

Files have a 4-byte preamble. The rest of the file uses IFF format.

[edit] Identification

Files begin with ASCII characters "AT&TFORM".

At offset 12 should be a tag indicating the specific file type. For DjVu v3, the possibilities are "DJVM", "DJVU", "DJVI", and "THUM".

There is an extension of DjVu called Secure DjVu. Secure DjVu files begin with "SDJV".

[edit] Specifications

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

  • The Specifications documents listed above
  • The DjVuLibre distributions include some DjVu files.

[edit] Links

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