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File Format
Name Dexxa TIFF
Extension(s) .tif
Released ~1987

This article describes an unusual variant of TIFF that is the native color image format of RainBow Paint, PaintShow, PaintShow Plus, and possibly Paint It!. These are names of different versions of a paint program for DOS by Dexxa International and/or Logitech.

The software includes TIF2PCX.EXE, a utility that can convert the format to PCX.



RainBow Paint is not to be confused with Rainbow Painter.

Format details

The color "Dexxa TIFF" format is not compatible with standard TIFF (at least not TIFF revision 4 or higher).

The image is labeled as RGB color, but in fact is palette color. The default 16-color PC/CGA palette is used, and is not stored in the file. (Note that some versions of the software predate TIFF 5.0, which introduced support for palette color.)

The image is labeled as planar, 4 samples/pixel, and usually 1 bit/sample, though 4 bits/sample is also possible (e.g. TRAIN1.TIF included with PaintShow 1.1).

Some versions of the software support black and white images, in which case a standard TIFF format is used.

The software seems to resemble MacPaint.


Sample files

  • Some example files are included with PaintShow 1.1, and PaintShow Plus 2.0-2.1.


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