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== Packaging and installation ==
== Packaging and installation ==
See also [[Archiving#Program/App/Applet/Installer|specialized archive formats]] and the "Build Automation" and "Project" sections of this page.
* [[Archiving#Program/App/Applet/Installer specialized archive formats]]
* [[NSIS Script]]
* The "Build Automation" and "Project" sections of this page
== Project ==
== Project ==

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File Format
Name Development


File formats concerning compilers, interpreters, linkers, IDEs, etc.

See also: Source code, Executables


[edit] Build Automation

(see also Project below)

[edit] Cloud platforms

[edit] Compiling

  • BSC (Browser code file)
  • IDB (State file)
  • MIDL (Microsoft Interface Definition Language)
  • ODL (Object Description Language)
  • SBR (Visual Studio source browser intermediate file)

[edit] Debug

[edit] Interface

See also Resources.

  • Nib file (Mac OS X development; windowed interfaces) (.nib)
  • QML
  • Storyboard file (iOS development) (.storyboard)
  • Xib file (Mac OS X / iOS development; replaced Nib files) (.xib)

[edit] Intermediate

For bytecode formats, see Executables#Virtual machine code.

[edit] Linking

  • IIK (Incremental link file)
  • MAP (Memory map link information)

[edit] Packaging and installation

See also specialized archive formats and the "Build Automation" and "Project" sections of this page.

[edit] Project

[edit] Remote procedure calls

[edit] Resource

See Resources.

[edit] Revision control systems / code repositories

[edit] Runtime environments

[edit] Specialized

[edit] Uncategorized

[edit] Links

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