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File Format
Name Data Resource File
Extension(s) .drs
Released 1997

Data Resource Files are used in the PC game Age of Empires and Age of Empires II for storing game files such as graphics and sound. It is an archive, so a drs file stores other files which then need to be interpreted in their own unique way.

Common files found archived in a drs file:


char[36] copyright
uint32 version
char[16] unknown
uint32 number_of_groups
uint32 files_offset

struct groups[number_of_groups]
  char[4] extension (reversed with an ASCII space character at the end)
  uint32 table_offset
  uint32 num_table_entries

  struct entries[num_table_entries]
    uint32 id
    uint32 offset
    uint32 size
  • Files can then be read from the drs file and written to disk using the offset and size of the file given under each entry.

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