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File Format
Name DGI (Digi-Pic)
Extension(s) .dgi
Released 1986

DGI is a raster graphics format associated with Digi-Pic.

Digi-Pic is sort of a PC graphics software tech demo. It was created by Basi Angulo and Dion Kraft.

There were apparently at least two Digi-Pic releases. DGI format is associated with the second release.


Format details

Images are 640×400 pixels, 2 bits per pixel. The image is stored as four 320×200 images, each of which is interlaced. File size is 64008 bytes. The 8 extra bytes are located at offset 32000.

It's not clear if there's a canonical color scheme, but Turbo DiGI uses the CGA black/green/red/brown palette. DGIMAC.EXE converts .DGI images into monochrome by ignoring every second bit of image.


Bytes 01 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 appear at offset 32000. The file size is normally exactly 64008 bytes.


  • TURBODGI.ZIP: Turbo DiGI Vision Display Utility, a viewer for DOS by Basi Angulo
  • CGADGI.ZIP: Viewer for DOS
  • [1] → Shareware_Grab_Bag_1988.zip → 008/egadgi.arc: Viewer for DOS
  • CONV125.ZIP → DGIMAC.EXE: MS-DOS utility to convert DGI to MacPaint format
  • Deark

Sample files


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