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| 0x00 || Chunk identifier (<code>CDTV</code>) || 4
| 0x00 || Chunk identifier (<code>CDTV</code>) || 4
| 0x04 || Chunk size (usually <code>1C</code> || 4
| 0x04 || Chunk size (usually <code>1C</code>) || 4
| 0x09 || CD Track || 1
| 0x09 || CD Track || 1

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File Format
Name D3TV
Extension(s) .sht, others

D3TV files are game data files used by the v3.x of the D.U.N.E (Developers Universal Non-programming Environment) Engine, which added support for CD Audio with the Commodore CDTV. These files usually correspond to individual "shots" in a DUNE game, and are based on the IFF metaformat.


D3TV files begin with FORM, have the file-size in bytes starting at offset 4, and have a type indicator of D3TV at offset 8.


These files contain many different chunks for different types of game data. All offsets mentioned are relative to the start of the chunk identifier.


This chunk refers to CD Audio that is played immediately when a shot is entered.

Offset Data Size (in bytes)
0x00 Chunk identifier (CDTV) 4
0x04 Chunk size (usually 1C) 4
0x09 CD Track 1
0x0E Start point minutes 1
0x0F Start point seconds 1
0x10 Start point CDDA frames 1
0x11 End point minutes 1
0x12 End point seconds 1
0x13 End point CDDA frames 1
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