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|extensions={{ext|wi}}, {{ext|wvt}}
|extensions={{ext|wi}}, {{ext|wvt}}

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File Format
Name Corel Wavelet
Extension(s) .wi, .wvt
PRONOM x-fmt/202

A Corel Wavelet Compressed Bitmap is a raster image format. Format was available in the Corel Graphic Suites for importing from Clip art collections and exporting from Corel Draw, Photo-Paint, Photo-House, etc. Early versions use the .WVT extension.


File Information

WI is the filename extension for Wavelet Compressed Bitmap files. The WI file format is bitmap based and is used for storing bitmap information at high compression levels.

  • Color modes supported when opening, Grayscale (8-bit) and RGB (24-bit).
  • Color modes supported when saving, Grayscale (8-bit) and 16-million Colors (24-bit).
  • Maximum image size, 2048 pixels.
  • Compression, Wavelet compression.
  • The WI file format supports a minimum image size of 16 pixels.
  • When you save to the WI file format, the Wavelet Export dialog box lets you change the quality of the file.

File Identification

  • WI file headers begin with "57 49 04" "WI "
  • WVT file headers begin with "43 4F 52 57 41 56" "CORWAV"

Sample Files


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