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* [ Twitter Gallery 1994 feed]
* [ Twitter Gallery 1994 feed]
* [ Corel Ships Corel GALLERY 2]
* [ Corel Ships Corel GALLERY 2]

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File Format
Name Corel Gallery
Extension(s) .bmf
Released 1993

Corel Gallery was vector clipart product released by Corel around 1993-94. The first version came loaded with 10,000 clipart files in the BMF format on the PC and the PICT format on the Macintosh. The proprietary BMF format meant you had to used the included Gallery software to then copy & paste into other applications or export into another format for use in your other documents. Later versions of Gallery used .CCX or .CMX for the ClipArt format.

There are some references the format is a Corel Flow image format, but no evidence to support. Also not to be confused with BMF format used as a materials/meta format for skins in the SIMS software.

File Identification

BMF files headers all begin with ascii "@CorelBMF Corel Corporation"



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