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(Compression in general)
(Specific file formats/programs)
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* [[RK]] (WinRK)
* [[RK]] (WinRK)
* [[rzip]] (.rz)
* [[rzip]] (.rz)
* [[SHARC]] (density)
* [[Softdisk Text Compressor]] (.ctx)
* [[Softdisk Text Compressor]] (.ctx)
* [[Squash (RISC OS)|Squash]] - single file compression on RISC OS
* [[Squash (RISC OS)|Squash]] - single file compression on RISC OS

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File Format
Name Compression



Stream compression formats

A stream format takes a stream of bytes, and outputs a different, hopefully smaller, stream of bytes. These compression formats are often used internally in other data structures to compress data, as well as in network protocols, such as http. Used stand-alone, a stream compression format does not offer archiving capability, however in the UNIX doctrine, an archiver like tar can be combined with an archive format to produce a proper compressed archive.

Compression in general

(including specific implementations used in multiple formats)

Specific file formats/programs

(multi-file compressors are in Archiving)

See also

  • Archiving (for formats that place multiple files together in one file, with or without compression)
  • Graphics (for image-specific compression)
  • Video (for video-specific compression)
  • Audio and Music (for audio-specific compression)


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