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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [ Reading simple data from a Caligari trueSpace file]
* [ Reading simple data from a Caligari trueSpace file]
* [[Wikipedia:TrueSpace|Wikipedia article on TrueSpace]]
* [[Wikipedia:TrueSpace|Wikipedia article on trueSpace]]

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File Format
Name Caligari trueSpace
Extension(s) .cob, .scn
PRONOM fmt/913, fmt/914
Wikidata ID Q47462131, Q47462143

Caligari trueSpace is a 3D art and animation program, now discontinued, from a company that was bought out by Microsoft. Its files are of two basic categories: objects and scenes. Each comes in two format varieties, ASCII and binary. The file extensions (.cob and .scn) distinguish the objects and scenes, but do not indicate whether the files are text or binary; this requires inspecting the contents. The Wikidata and PRONOM IDs shown in the infobox are for the ASCII and binary versions in that order.

[edit] Links

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