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File Format
Name CadStd
Extension(s) .cad
Wikidata ID Q9672131
Magic Bytes 43 41 44 53 54 44

CadStd (CAD Standard) is a CAD program by Apperson & Daughters, available in free and premium versions. It will export data in a number of formats, including DXF, SVG, and HP-GL, but has a native format with a .cad extension.

Files appear to begin with the bytes 43 41 44 53 54 44 (hex), which spells "CADSTD" in ASCII.

[edit] Sample files

The freely downloadable version of the program comes with some sample files. In a standard Windows installation, they can be found in \Program Files (x86)\Apperson\CadStd\cad.

[edit] Links

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