CFAST Disney Animation Studio

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File Format
Name CFAST Disney Animation Studio
Extension(s) Template:Ext:cft

CFAST is an animated raster graphics format associated with the Disney Animation Studio application for Amiga computers.


Format Specification

4 bytes - signature 'GUCF', 'LOCK' or 'STDY'

If the signature is 'LOCK' or 'STDY' then a copyright/description message follows
2 bytes string length
n bytes string
'LOCK' means the file was meant to be saved as final/non editable

Then follows the bitmap header
4 bytes - image width
4 bytes - image height
4 bytes - Amiga screen width (320=lores, 640=hires)
4 bytes - Amiga screen height (200/400, 256/512)
1 byte - number of bitplanes (1..5) (numColors = 2^bitplanes)

Then follows palette information for the first two colors (if there are more colors, they are specified later in the file)
3 bytes - rgb for color index 0
3 bytes - rgb for color index 1

Then follows an extra block of data of varying length
1 byte - extralen
n bytes (unknown contents)

Then follows the number of frames
4 bytes - numFrames

... (TODO)


Sample files


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