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== Specifications ==
== Specifications ==
* RFC 7932
* [ Brotli Compressed Data Format] (draft)
* [ Brotli Compressed Data Format] (draft)
* [ Earlier draft version (07)]
* [ Earlier draft version (07)]

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File Format
Name Brotli
Extension(s) .br
Released 2013
Brotli is a compressed data format developed by Google. It is designed for a high compression ratio, and fast decompression. When used as a web content compression encoding, it uses br in the Accept-Encoding header so that a browser can signal support; this support is present in newer versions of Firefox and Chrome as of early 2016.

While the addition of this format to Firefox/Mozilla was still under discussion, there was a bit of a mini-flap over earlier proposals to use "bro" as the encoding identifier (and file extension for Brotli-compressed files), as this was deemed by some to be misogynistic. After some debate over bro vs. brotli vs. br, the shorter of these was ultimately adopted.

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