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** [[Music Time Pro]] (.mts)
** [[Music Time Pro]] (.mts)
** [[MusicWrite]] (.mwk)
** [[MusicWrite]] (.mwk)
** [[MusicXML]]
** [[MusicXML compressed]] (.mxl)
** [[Myriad Software]] (.msf)
** [[Myriad Software]] (.msf)
** [[Neuratron Photoscore Format]] (.opt)
** [[Neuratron Photoscore Format]] (.opt)

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File Formats > Electronic File Formats > Audio and Music

Electronic Formats concerned with audio and musical data, including sound recording, instrument control, musical notation, etc.

Audio and sequencer software

Audio recording and sound waves


  • Mark II Sound-System
    • MII (Mark II Sound-System)
    • MK2 (Mark 2 Sound System)
    • MKII (Mark II Sound System))
  • SAM Coupé song (.cop, .sng)

Container formats

Emulated music

Game audio and music

Metadata formats

Music trackers

Musical instrument control

Musical notation

Playlist formats

  • B4S (Winamp 3 playlist)
  • FPL (foobar2000 playlist)
  • KPL (Kazaa Playlist Format)
  • M3U (Multimedia Playlist Format)
  • MOD4WIN Module List(.mol)
  • PLS (Multimedia Playlist)
  • WPL (Windows Media Playlist)

Unclassified (need to move to other categories)

See the Open Cubic Player homepage for a list of demo formats:

See also Piano Rolls (which is under the Physical File Formats).

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