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(Unclassified (need to move to other categories))
(Unclassified (need to move to other categories))
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* [[BVG]]
* [[BVG]]
* [[CBD2]]
* [[CBD2]]
* [[DeskMate Music]] (.sng)
* [[DeskMate Sound]] (.snd)
* [[DSM]] (DSIK Internal)
* [[DSM]] (DSIK Internal)
* [[DSPW]]
* [[DSPW]]

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File Format
Name Audio and Music

Musical notation

Musical notation


[edit] Introduction

Electronic Formats concerned with audio and musical data, including sound recording, instrument control, musical notation, etc.

[edit] Audio and sequencer software

[edit] Audio recording and sound waves

[edit] Chiptune

[edit] Configuration files

  • X2A (Yamaha S70xs/S90xs keyboard workstations)

[edit] Container formats

[edit] Converters

[edit] Emulated music

[edit] Game audio and music

(see also Game data files)

[edit] Metadata formats and related data

[edit] Music trackers

[edit] Musical instrument control

[edit] Musical notation

[edit] Playlists, music libraries, music store downloaders

[edit] Programming languages and APIs (audio/music-specific)

[edit] Ringtones

[edit] Signal processing

These aren't specific file formats, but generic mathematical methods used by other file formats.

[edit] Sound card related formats

[edit] Speech synthesis

[edit] Unclassified (need to move to other categories)

See the Open Cubic Player homepage for a list of demo formats:

See also Piano Rolls (which is under the Physical File Formats).

[edit] Links

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