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* [[DGCA]] [[dgc]]
* [[DGCA]] [[dgc]]
* [[dar]] - [[Disk Archiver]]  
* [[dar]] - [[Disk Archiver]]  
* [[dd]] - [[DiskDoubler]]
* [[DMS]] [[dms]] -  Amiga Disk Masher compressed file
* [[DMS]] [[dms]] -  Amiga Disk Masher compressed file
* [[F]] - [[Freeze/Melt]]  
* [[F]] - [[Freeze/Melt]]  

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File Format
Name Archiving

(Lossless, for generic data + file archives)


Archiving only

(many files => 1 file, no compression attempted)

Compression + archiving

(Multiple files => 1 file, makes it smaller. See Compression for formats that compress single files/streams, and Disk Image Formats for formats that capture the low-level structure of a disk)

Diff files

(containing only the parts of a file that have changed, so they can be applied to an existing file to update it; used for update distribution and incremental backups)

Institutional archiving

Self-extracting archives

(in addition, some of the other archivers are able to produce executable files for some platform which include the archived data and a program to extract them, and generally have the file extension normal for executables, such as .exe for DOS/Windows)

  • SDA (Self Dissolving Archive)
  • SEA (Self-Extracting Archive]
  • SFX (Self-Extracting Archive)

Transfer encodings

(convert binaries to printable ASCII for download; encode resource forks or metadata together with file, etc.)

(see also E-Mail, newsgroups, and forums for transfer encodings used in such media)


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