Android Recovery Mode Backup

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File Format
Name Android Recovery Mode Backup
Extension(s) .backup, .backup1, .backup2, .backup3, .backup4, .backup5, .backup6, .backup7, .backup8,.backup9, .backup10, etc

Android Recovery Mode backups are files created by Android used to backup user data in recovery mode. This is useful in cases where system files are corrupted and you need to factory reset, but need to keep your data. Go to the recovery mode in to backup these to an SD card. However, you need an SD card big enough and an SD card that is compatible with your phone and OS version. It is mostly unknown what these files are. I don't even have a sample. Try extracting one with the 7Zip software. Backups may be split into smaller backup1 and backup2 and backup3 and etc files. It is normally named userdata_yyyymmdd_HHMMSS.backup. Only some devices like this one and that one and also this one has backup options.



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