AOL Personal Filing Cabinet

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|subcat2=Web browser files
|subcat2=Web browser files

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File Format
Name AOL Personal Filing Cabinet
Extension(s) .pfc
LoCFDD fdd000456

[edit] Overview

The America Online (AOL) software stores email and web bookmarks (also known as "favorites") in a file known as the PFC (Personal Filing Cabinet) format. The format is different between Mac and PC versions apparently. The extension is either .pfc or nothing- see here for some details on the extension.

[edit] Tools

PFC-Viewer tool that can view and export emails from Personal Filing Cabinets. Source code available here: or here:

[edit] Additional info This is the work that PFC Viewer was based on- there's some info about the format, and the program the person made, plus a text file of the file format details download.

Mac PFC info

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