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(Sample files)
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* [ Java AMOS Sprite Bank Viewer]
* [ Java AMOS Sprite Bank Viewer]
* {{Deark}}
* {{Deark}}
* [[RECOIL]]
== Sample files ==
== Sample files ==

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File Format
Name AMOS Sprite Bank
Extension(s) .abk

AMOS Sprite Bank is a raster image file format associated with AMOS. See AMOS BASIC tokenized file for more information about AMOS. The format may also be known as Object Bank or Bob Bank.

AMOS Icon Bank is a very similar format. See also AMOS Picture Bank.

Note that other types of AMOS files also use .abk filename extension.


[edit] Identification

Files begin with ASCII characters "AmSp".

[edit] AMOS Sprite/Icon Bank format

A sprite bank and an icon bank share very similar attributes. They define graphic data which can be drawn onscreen. They have this format:

Field Length
Bank identifier: AmSp for sprites (bank 1) or AmIc for icons (bank 2) 4 bytes
Count of sprites/icons to follow 2 bytes
Sprites/Icons. Each sprite or icon has this format:
  • 2 bytes: width, in 16-bit words (multiply by 16 to get width in pixels)
  • 2 bytes: height, in raster lines (pixels)
  • 2 bytes: depth, in bitplanes (1 to 5)
  • 2 bytes: hot-spot X co-ordinate
  • 2 bytes: hot-spot Y co-ordinate
  • width * height * depth * 2 bytes: Amiga planar graphic data
Color palette: 32 16-bit colors in 0x0RGB form, the Amiga COLORx hardware register format 64 bytes

[edit] Specifications

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